Creating quick launchers overview

Creating quick launchers Overview

How to use the Network Drive Launcher utility.

  1. Using the "Finder", connect to each distinct drive that you want to create a quick launcher for.

Note: that Connecting to multiple volumes with the same "name" could result in unexpected results. Connect to drives that have the same names one at a time.

  1. Open the "Network Drive Launcher" utility and click on one of the network drives listed in the "Select Network Drive" window.


  1. Then click the "Continue" button.


  1. The Create Quicklaunch window will be displayed. This window confirms the drive selected and allows customization of how the quick launcher will be named. Enter a custom name if desired. Optionally check the checkbox "connect drive at login" if the drive needs to be connected at login.
    To make the quick launcher, click the "Create Quick Launcher" button.

First you will see...


Next in the Dock you will see the "AppleScript Editor" application starting...

Note: that it is normal to see some addition windows appear briefly before seeing the "Choose File Name" window.


  1. Then a window in Script Editor named "Choose File Name" will appear. This window allows the selection of a location to save the created quick launcher, and to finally change the name of the launcher if needed. Finally, click "Save" and the quick launcher will be saved were specified.

You have successfully created a quick launcher, repeat these steps for each network drive that you want to connect to.


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